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About NKV Technologies

NKV Technologies is a training and placement source, ever since its foundation has been guiding and mentoring job seekers to craft their career. With its cutting edge technology provides relevant profiles to employers and relevant jobs to jobseekers across industry verticals, experience levels and geographies.

In the industry since past 5 years it has created a reputation in the job seekers community in India and its client employers which cannot be affected by its competitors. It has become so popular that more than 200 individuals have registered in the world wide network.

NKV Technologies is considered as the online platform which acts as matchmaker between the jobseekers and the employers. NKV Technologies provides assured job placement program with training to graduates who looking for job opportunities. Other career services NKV Technologies deliver are professional resume writing, resume marketing and resume priority which helps candidates gain reach and visibility among target employers. NKV Technologies have trained and professional staff which nurtures and grooms the jobseekers to face the real world scenario.

NKV Technologies helps match the right talent with the right opportunity.

A simple resume that works for jobseeker
With NKV Technologies Resume it is easy to apply to jobs posted by employers, even from your smartphone or tablet.

NKV Technologies dedicated towards core purpose of kick starting careers of jobseekers.

Work towards making jobseeker dreams and career ambitions into reality.